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In Timi's life, there are a lot of things she is insecure about. A lot of fears, doubts, hopes and dreams but she is sure of one thing. Her love for her fiance. She dated Demola for 18 months before agreeing to marry him. 
After a series of failed relationships that left her feeling not too happy with herself, She felt and still feels quite full of joy that she found the one without having to settle. Their wedding is still about three months away but being with Demola has been the best thing ever. Everything is perfect. He loves her so much he reassures her every second.  He does everything to make her happy. Planning and getting ready for ''TIDE2017'' has been the best experience yet. They coined ''TIDE'' from the combination of their names, ''Timi and Demola''.

© Tunde Oni 2017. All rights reserved.
These days, all she talked about with her group of friends was her upcoming wedding. Getting vendors and planning her wedding has been so much fun for them. The four of them have been sharing a flat together in Magodo, Lagos ever since they graduated from Sunshine University about three years ago. It had taken their parents some convincing to allow them live alone as single girls but knowing the four of them were together to keep one another in check, they had all reluctantly agreed and even given them money to pay their rent the first year. 

Oluwatumininu aged 24 whom they called Tumi had gotten a job at Legacy Bank where she did her NYSC and Tochukwu aged 25 whom they called Tochi was working with one of the top law firms in Lagos. Tamara, also aged 24 was unable to secure a job of her choice and had since learnt how to sew and was gradually building a business as a tailor and fashion designer with her friends always encouraging her by wearing her outfits to church, parties and events. She was even going to be making the dresses for Timi's bridal train while they decided to buy the wedding dress off the shelf from a bridal store they found in Ikeja. Timi on the other hand aged 26 was working as a teacher in Platinum Group of Schools, one of the biggest private schools in Lagos where she teaches English Language. She absolutely loved her job and teaching has always been her dream job.

This particular Friday night, the girls had the night to themselves after a long time and Tumi who just hates to cook had come home with boxes of pizza which they all decided to have for dinner.

''Timi, this one you didn't sleep go sleep in Demola's house tonight again, what happened? Tochi, the most inquisitive of them all asked.

''As usual naaa, he said he wants to hang out with his friends and actually asked me to stay at his place alone but I decided that hanging with the girls was more fun''. Timi replied.

''But how come he hangs out every Friday though. I have never heard of  Friday night that your hubby isn't hanging out with friends. Is that normal?'' Tochi pressed.

''Madam, wetin concern you naaa? Is it your boo? Tamara was quick to ask.

''Seriously, I don't even want to stress him about it. It's okay to have some time out with friends at least I have my girls too'' Timi defended.

''I am not saying it is wrong but it should not be every week'' Tochi insisted.

''Tochi abeg leave matter. That is not the hot gist I have for you guys. Guess what happened today'' Timi said as she clapped her hands in excitement.

''You got a promotion? Tumi said
''You got more money for the wedding'' Tochi said

''You are pregnant'' Tamara said.

''Hehehehe Pregnancy as how naaa, Tamara. You guys all got it wrong'' Timi said.

''Which one is pregnancy as how as if you guys aren't having sex?'' Tamara questioned sarcastically.

''Yes we do but very few times. We have only had sex 3 times in the last 18 months of our relationship and Demola already said it is not happening again till after the wedding''. Timi said proudly.

''Demola said so or you guys agreed. Why will he just say that? Tochi asked.
''He said, I said, it's all the same thing joor. We are keeping the marriage bed undefiled'' Timi said as the girls chuckled.

''Na real undefiled. Anyway, what's the news?'' Tochi said as she bent towards the table and picked another slice of pizza and her glass of smoothie.

''Okay... sooooooo... I resigned from my job today and I will stop work in about 14 days?'' Timi said.

''I don't understand.. What do you mean you resigned? Tamara said as the others also bombarded her with cries of shock and seeking explanations.

''I thought you loved your job Timi, I remember you praying so hard for it and even testifying in church when you got it. You love teaching'' Tumi said.

''Well, Demola asked me to resign...''Timi said as Tochi immediately cut her short.
''Are you crazy? What do you mean Demola asked you to resign? Is it his job?'' Tochi said visibly angry.

''Well, it's not like that. He said it and I eventually understood his reasons and agreed. he said teaching job isn't so prestigious in Nigeria like in other countries and he would not be too proud introducing his wife as a teacher. He wants me to focus all my time on having and teaching our kids and when I am done with that, he will set up my own school for me. He said his wife should be owning schools not teaching in one''. Timi explained.

''Timi are you well at all? Did you just listen to yourself? It is all about what Demola wants. What about what you want? Demola wants me to choose blue as against the red you always wanted, Demola wants to go out every Friday, Demola doesn't want to have sex, Demola wants a big wedding as against the small wedding you always dreamt off, now Demola said you should quit your job and you did? You didn't even think to talk to us first? Tochi said with so much anger.

''Hey Tochi, you are taking it too far. Haba. I did all those things to make my fiance happy. Learning to put your partner first is the number one step to having a successful home and besides Demola wouldn't have been happy if I said I wanted to discuss with you guys first, he said we should take decisions together without involving a third party''. Timi said.

''Hey Mogbe!!!'' Tumi exclaimed. '' I cannot believe my friend is getting married to a male chauvinist right under my nose''.

''Biko, Chauvinist is too small. The guy is a freaking control freak and Timi cannot even see what is right under her nose''. Tochi said.

''No guys, haba. You guys know Demola and have spent so much time with him. You see how much he loves and cares for me. How can you talk about him so negatively. I really don't like it. I make a lot of decisions for him too'' Timi said.

''You do? Like what?'' Tamara asked.

''Well... that is not your business. Please can we decide on which one to go for out of these wedding gowns and pick a photographer too although Demola already prefers this strapless one''. Timi said and all the girls looked at themselves and burst into laughter.

''You know what? Just decide everything with Demola or better still let him choose everything including the style for your bridesmaids dresses. I don't have time for this rubbish'' Tochi said as she picked her food, stood up and walked into the bedroom.

'' Can you guys see Tochi and her annoying attitude now? Timi lamented to the girls.

© Tunde Oni 2017. All rights reserved.


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