Friday, June 10, 2016


About Eight hours after, I finally sat in the office of the doctor to get a detailed explanation on Kenny's condition. All I had been told as I waited was that he was alive and he had been taken in for ultrasound and later for surgery. The nurses refused to tell me the severity of the accident and I had brought hell down screaming and shouting. Eventually, I called my sister-in-law who came to wait with me and was able to calm me down. I had to leave the hospital briefly to use the cash machine and make some monetary deposits but aside from that I had been unable to drink even a drop of water.

''Mrs Ayorinde, thank you so much for your patience'' the doctor started, but I quickly cut him short

''Sir, please just go straight to the point, how is he? What happened? What was the surgery for? Is he okay? Did the surgery go well?''

''Madam, I will answer all your questions but I need you to relax a bit''

''Okay, please go on'' I said.

''Your husband is fine and the surgery was successful. He suffered from testicular trauma as a result of the force of his testicles on the bicycle when the accident occurred''

''Jesus Christ!!!!! see trouble.. What do you mean testicular trauma? He doesn't have testicles again? How are we supposed to have children now? Haaaaaaa Kenny will kill me''.

''Please relax and let's not jump the gun here. I didn't say he doesn't have testicles again. There was just some rupture and dislocation as well and that is why we had to do an immediate surgery. It has been successfully fixed now and we are hopeful that there should be no cause for infertility in the nearest future. Of course, we will advise that he stays off sexual activity for a while until he is properly healed to avoid him developing hernia. He should be fine within a week''.

''Okay doctor, thank you so much. So when will we be discharged''.

''I will want to just observe him overnight to be sure he is okay. He should be able to go home tomorrow''.

We eventually got home the next day after staying in the hospital all night. His sister left us in the hospital later in the evening after confirming that Kenny was okay. Kenny was  withdrawn and quiet and it felt like the cycle had started again. It was still surreal that it was just yesterday morning we agreed to call a truce and it felt like that did not even happen.

''Darling are you okay? I asked after he had settled down on the bed''

''Lola, no I am not okay. You know what? I regret marrying you. I don't feel like the man that found a wife and found a good thing because it's like your sole purpose is to cause me sorrow and sadness''.

My mouth was agape. I just did not understand the reason for such anonymity.

''You know when I decided to marry you I had a plan. I knew what I wanted. I wanted a woman who will love me and make me happy. I wanted a life of joy and happiness. I wanted to build fun memories of just the two of us even outside the kids but I have not had any of that with you. It's from one problem to another. We have been married for just 9 months and already I am tired''

''Kenny, why will you say all these to me? Why? What exactly have I done to destroy your so called happiness so much?''

''Immediately after the wedding, it took about 2 weeks for you to even calm down enough to let me deflower you. As soon as that was over, you got fixated about pregnancy making sex totally boring. When I was talking to you about just enjoying each other and having fun, all you did was lie down there missionary style claiming that is the best way to get pregnant. After five months of that, you went into your so called fasting period and now because of all the frustration you have put me through, I went to ride my bicycle just to vent and got into an accident? Did you know it was because I was thinking about you that I lost concentration? And to crown it all, it's like the devil was trying to crack a joke, testicular trauma? I am tired madam''

I sat there in silence not knowing what to say and after a while I just got angry.

''How dare you Kenny? How can you blame me for your sadness or so called unhappiness? I wake up daily praying for you and this is how you repay me? Was it not when you married me your business went from struggling and started excelling and you dare insult me? I wont let the devil use you more than he already has. This conversation is over. Do whatever you want''. I stood up from his side and walked out of the bedroom with deep confusion in my heart. For the first time I wondered if it would not have been better staying single.
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  1. Madam 2wrongs can never make a right I think she just have to calm down to win her husbands heart back and here is the moment to show that affection cos the part that he said he was thinking about her that made him had d accident shows he still loves her

    1. Argh! Why is this woman just forming Christain fasting and praying but showing a totally different attitude na. She is supposed to look for amicable ways not being sorely vexed too in his condition

  2. Na wa ooo, i smell trouble brewing somewhere ooo. Counselors from heaven, where una dey? i hope this babe understand the enormity of her situation?

    1. lol @ counsellors from heaven.. Thanks for taking the time to comment

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    1. A wise woman build her home but the foolish one use her own hands to tear it down. May God help us to be wise

  4. She needs to walk on her self so as to win her husband. Nagging with him will make the situation worse.

  5. Wonders will never end! God please help me with godly wisdom to manage my home. Because i don't know where this wisdom comes from.

    God bless you ma for this good work, more grace as you restore relationship through your pen. Please release the remaining part as i wait to see the end of her foolish decision.

  6. We are patiently waiting for the remaining part of battles...