Friday, June 03, 2016


On Saturday morning when Kenny walked into the house, I had decided enough was enough and I was not going to pay for my sins forever. He had no right whatsoever to keep sleeping outside the house under the guise of anger. I was already waiting for him and as soon as he stepped in, I just blew up,

''Where do you think you are coming from oga?'' I shouted.

He looked at me like I had suddenly grown two heads and to my surprise he replied, ''Sunrise hotel''.

''Is that where you have been staying?'' I asked unsure. Not expecting him to answer in the first place.

''Yes I got a room there'' he answered and looked at me, ''Is that all? he asked.

''No, that is not all Kenny and don't make me feel stupid. You have been sleeping outside for the past three weeks and now I am questioning you, you're acting ignorant'' I was truly bewildered.

''Madam, you asked me where I have been and I answered you. How am I acting ignorant?''

''Kenny, once again, I am sorry''.

''Okay I have heard. Just to be clear though, what exactly are you sorry for?''

''Well, I am sorry for depriving you of sex and fasting without your agreement. I am sorry for being inconsiderate of your feelings. Please can we just go back to how we were?''

''Okay, I have heard you'' he said with a straight face.

''Kenny, please now. What else do you want me to say or do?''

''Lola I said I have heard. Please don't stress me. I want to ride around the estate on my bicycle for a while. Is that okay?''

''Okay, that is fine. Do you promise to stay at home from today?'' I asked

''Yes, I will. So can I go change and head out now?''

I nodded and got out of his way and he immediately went to the room and changed into his riding outfit. He always looked so handsome in his tights and t-shirt whenever he wanted to exercise and watching him come out of the bedroom, I went to give him a hug half expecting him to turn me away but he gave me a very lingering hug and left soon afterwards. I was so giddy from the obvious reconciliation, I decided to cook something nice for his breakfast when he returned.

A little over thirty minutes later, I got the call that changed my life forever. With tears in my eyes not knowing what to expect, I grabbed my car keys and rushed out of the house to the hospital address I had been given. I still could not believe my ears that Kenny had been in an accident. He just left home barely 30 minutes earlier. The caller was unable to give details of the severity of the accident or what happened. As I drove out and met with traffic, I tried calling his number back to get more details but it was switched off. I contemplated calling family and friends but I decided to know the status of his health before calling anybody.

''Oh Lord, help me. You said we shall not die God, please keep my husband. I will not be a widow in my youth oh lord.''

Words of prayer failed me. I did not even know how to pray. Almost an hour later, I finally drove into the hospital compound and ran inside with deep fear, not knowing what to expect.
© Tunde Oni 2016. All rights reserved.
To put plainly, this was written by Tunde Oni. Do not exclude my name when sharing. Helping others shine never reduces your shine. God bless you as you honour this request.


  1. Wow! Now, this is another twist to d story. Yes, Lola went a little bit overboard but it was majorly due to ignorance and poor counseling. Now that they are back together, nothing should happen to Kenny ooo. Tx Tunde for another inspiring edition, looking forward to d next one.

    1. Thank you for reading and commenting. I celebrate you

  2. Uhnnnnn. You won't stop getting me anxious about this storyline. Please ooooo. You had better make the next story available on time.... I enjoyed reading it anytime..... love you loads

    1. Thank you so much dearie for reading, I refuse to make you anxious. Don't worry it is well even in the well. Love you too babe

  3. Acknowledging one mistake and follow by asking for forgiveness is the remedy for reminiscing too much. Anyway, I am still waiting for the rest of the episodes, because so many questions govern my head. The fasting, the God, the hotel, the hug, the accident,the forgiveness, the hospital, and Kenny...

    1. I wouldn't mind hearing those questions though... Thank you for reading

    2. 1. What God will want someone to fast to the point to deprive his/her love one from sex?
      2. Did Kenny really stay in hotel and alone?
      3. Are the hug and forgiveness true?
      4. Did the wife fast because she knows something bad were coming? If yes, then it seems that one cannot change the date and as well as the time of death even with mountains of prayers and fasts.
      5. Or did she fast to remove the death from herself only?

  4. checking my mail every Friday for this, it was every weekend, later two weeks and now almost a month. I know you trying but kindly make this available as soon as you can. Plsssssssssssssss, God bless you Mr Oni.

  5. I never esperedit. Kenny must not die o

  6. Hmmmm!why does the devil like popping up his ugly nose in situations that seems to have been conquered? ooo chi m oo I hope nothing terrible happens. And for that twist,the suspense got even more...Weldon Tunde. Waiting to read more