Friday, April 29, 2016


I decided that night that I had had enough of Kenny's erratic behaviour and we needed counselling. I waited for him to come home the next morning but he never showed up. I called him around noon when I was getting worried but he did not pick my call. I got a text shortly after saying,

''I am quite surprised you are looking for me. Don't worry, I am fine. Don't let me distract you from God''.

I decided it was time to seek counsel from my pastor's wife. 

As I sat down with Mummy as we normally call her that evening after a word of prayer and recounted the full story of our challenges from the beginning of the fasting period. I was quite hopeful that I will get solutions on the next step to take. Mummy looked at me and shook her head as I showed her the last text I got from Kenny from my phone.

''Sister Lola, what does the Bible say about our parents and honour?''

''Honour your father and mother, that your days might be long'' I quickly replied wondering why we were talking about my parents when it was my marriage that needed healing.

''Do you remember when you came to me and decided you wanted to marry this young man who was barely a baby in the lord. I warned you to look for giants in the spirit. If you had honoured my words, surely the days of your marriage would have been long'', she said with obvious annoyance.

''I am sorry mummy, I love my husband and I think he loves God too''

''He loves God? You are still defending his actions? A man that cannot agree with you in prayer? That will not deny his body to feed his spirit? She asked me.

''I am sorry ma'' I quickly said. Mummy was known for her short temper and I did not want to get on her bad side.

''Anyway the deed has been done. We need to find a way forward. You see the devil is not resting. He is obviously seeking to devour your marriage. Remember the scripture in Ephesians 6: 12 says, we wrestle not against flesh and blood but against principalities, against powers and against the rulers of the darkness of this world. The battle is not with your husband. It is a fight in the spirit''.

''Okay ma'' I said.

''The devil knows this fast is going to liberate your marriage and he wants to stop it at all cost. The flesh will be satisfied eventually but you need to be spiritually fortified first. So make sure you complete it in total consecration to God''.

''Okay ma. What do I now do about his refusal to come home ma?''

''Oh don't worry Lola, he will come home. He is like the prodigal son, he will surely return. Let us pray my dear''.

By the time I left my pastor's house after about two hours of prayer. I felt stronger and better. Kenny was just over reacting and I was definitely on the right course. I just needed to keep praying and not let me faith be shaken. When I got home and met Kenny relaxing in the sitting room, it confirmed to me that everything mummy said was correct since he returned like she had prophesied. 

As the days passed things got more estranged. Kenny stopped going to our church and demanded I move to this new church he found. Of course I vehemently refused. It is important to be grounded and not church belly-hopping. I got daily text motivations from my mummy in the lord and that just encouraged me. 

Finally the last day of the 100 days came and it was announced in church that couples should endeavour to attend together since there was going to be an all night prayer. I begged and pleaded with Kenny but he adamantly refused. I went to church alone that night and prayed every prayer possible. My joy knew no bounds the next morning because I knew that all the fight I had been having with Kenny was finally going to be over. I was going to make sure we had as much sex as he wanted later that night. 
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To put plainly, this was written by Tunde Oni. Do not exclude my name when sharing. Helping others shine never reduces your shine. God bless you as you honour this request.


  1. Hmmm... did Lola get d right counselling?

    1. The fact that a counsel is coming from a pastor does not mean it's the right one. We have to know God ourselves and know his word. A lot of marriages have been destroyed because of what pastor said

  2. Hmmm! I am thinking of what will happen next. Will Kenny return to the sweet hubby he was? Will this 'score' actually be Settled as easily as Lola thinks? Hmmmm I only pray for them.

    1. Don't worry, we are thinking it together

  3. Some pastors has been destroying homes since 1980,most of this so called women of God,zonal mummy,etc Are just pretending to church, They biblically add salt to your injury ,i have realised that they also have marital problems in their home.

    1. More reason we should all have personal relationship with God so we can filter counsel

  4. I will not be surprised if Kenny has been sleeping with someone else and even got someone pregnant. 100 Days kwa, it is well. Mummy pastor well done o, watching you in 3D.

  5. All this pastors why self, one has to be careful of where to receive advice