Tuesday, December 01, 2015

Help Save Akuwa

This was sent in by a blog reader. Please help in anyway you can.

Akuwa has been sick for
long time now, and was
diagnosed with
Umbilical Hernia and
Liver Failure. She
requires liver transplant
as well as umbilical
surgery to correct the
swelling.. I thank God
that her brother has
agreed to donate (a part
of) his liver, so she will
be traveling with him as
well as one more
person who will look
after the two of them
after they have been
operated on.

The total amount for the
expenses is 55,000 US
Dollars; this is inclusive
of their accommodation
as well as air tickets and
travel arrangements.
Akuwa is earnestly
trying to make ends
meet, as some of us
might have noticed her
merchandise on her
facebook wall. She too is
in her own little way
sourcing to raise funds
for her operation.
The latest update on her
trip to India
She can't be cut opened
twice for the two
surgeries within very
short breaks, the
doctors advised it's
better to have the two
surgeries done at the
same time.
Akwua has till Jan 15th
to get these surgeries
done. As at the last time
she went to India, the
doctors told her that her
liver is below 5%
performance. Truth is,
Akuwa has less than 1
month to perform the
surgeries for the
avoidance of irreversible
Akuwa has also
permitted us to share
her pics as well.
Please give as much as
you can, God bless you
as you do so

Thank you so very much to have agreed to help out. God bless you. 
The link before the story has been opened for funds raising for her Surgeries. 

I am most grateful. 

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