Friday, April 24, 2015


As I drove home, I began to dwell on my marriage to King and how I was so stupid and blinded by love to see the signs. After he told me he had been asked to move out of his apartment, I was so distressed but he assured me getting another apartment would not be a problem. We just had to manage and stay in my own apartment which I was planning to sublet initially. I still had 7 months to go on my rent there anyway so he moved his things over. That was how we began to live in my three bedroom flat in Festac town.

"It had always been too big for me alone anyway", was what I told myself.

My dad called me to come over to our house in Lekki to stay with them till the wedding day. He said it was important that I left the house for the wedding venue which symbolizes blah blah blah..... I just could not wrap my head around all those sentiments. I had been  living alone for 10 years. Agreeing to his wishes just made it easy since King was already settling down in my house and I did not particularly like the idea of us being in the house together. After all, they say its bad luck to see the bride before the wedding. We hardly saw each other the rest of that week since I was going to work from my parent's house. I got home each evening to go over one thing or the other with my mum. We had our traditional wedding on Friday in my father's compound. One of those things he insisted on even though I wanted to get a small venue. He said he did not build a house with a big compound for nothing. The event was awesome. I danced and danced and cried. My mum and dad both moved me to tears with their words of advise and prayers. King looked equally dashing and the dancing competition between us had no winner. We had all the fun. As we were rounding up the event, King said he had to discuss something important with me that could not wait till after the wedding. I remember that conversation like it was yesterday.

"What did you have to say baby that is so important?'' I said just as we got into my dad's study. It was the only empty place we found in the whole house.

"Baby, I need you to first understand that I did not mean to hurt you or be cruel, I just felt like I had no choice". I interrupted him immediately with a really skeptical look.

"Hold it King, I hope you're not trying to tell me you have a child somewhere or that you cheated on me on a day like this".

"No baby, it is nothing like that. I just want to confess some lies that I told you".

"You lied to me? About what?

"About so many things", he said and my heart began to beat fast. I really did not want to hear this. Not when my church wedding was just a few hours away.

"Okay let me ask you some few questions before you start  your confession and I want you to just answer me yes or no. Okay?" He nodded.

"Have you ever cheated on me?''


"Do you have a child out of wedlock?"


''Do you have HIV?''


''Are you gay?''


''Are you transgender?''


''Do you love me?''


''Okay, those are the major reasons that can make me cancel this wedding this minute, anything outside these will have to wait till after the wedding okay"'.

He simply nodded yes and I left him standing there in search of my friends to go have some girls night in my room like we planned. Whatever King had to say will have to wait till after the wedding. I did not want anything to spoil my fun. I never knew that I had asked the wrong questions that day.


  1. where is the continuation?

    1. Till next Friday please. Enjoy your weekend

  2. nice one. too short though. plss make it longer, plssss

  3. What kind of question again would she have asked? This week must run fast ooo otherwise you might have to be posting 3rd times a week.I always enjoy your stories.more power to your elbow. Keep it up

  4. Yipppeeeee it's Friday.time for another post.i dey wait oh. Keep it up oni.

  5. Bukola Oluwole2 May 2015 at 20:30

    Whao!...this must be really tough on her..but she can't continue like that.God help her...
    Good job babes Olatunde,may God continually inspire u&increase ur wisdom.Amen