Sunday, January 25, 2015


Our honeymoon was in Dubai. It was absolutely amazing. After that first morning, things went on very smoothly. Toba apologized for what he said. He assured me he loves me so much and could not imagine sharing me with anyone. I knew he just needed re-assurance. The only downside during the honeymoon was my menstrual period that started five days after. We had made love so many times within the five days that it didn't hurt so much. We talked and talked about everything. We made plans for the future. We decided to open a joint savings account together to save for the future.
By the time we got back home, I was really ready to settle into family life. We talked about everything and went for date night once a week. Three months down the line, I got the first of many shockers of my life...

I missed my period in February and decided to go do a hospital pregnancy test. I really wanted to wait a while before getting Pregnant but Toba was all about seeing me bloated so he just refused to wait. Immediately I missed my period, I knew it had happened but Toba still wanted us to go see the doctor for a test. We were supposed to go together but he called me about an hour before he was to pick me up that a client had cornered him in the office and he had to go with him for a meeting. He told me to call him immediately I was done. I decided to call Oyin to go with me instead. People usually say that marriage distances you from your single friends but that was totally not the case with us, Oyin and I were as tight as ever.

"Babe, can you imagine Toba cannot follow me for the test ooo, let us go together naaoo, I'll pick you up from the office".

"You want my boss to finally give me that query he has been gunning for? No wahala, I want to be there for the good news too so I"ll meet you at the hospital in minutes. I'll just drive down though so you don't have to drop me off".

In fact, I think Oyin jumped more than me when we got the news. She was so excited and neither could I contain my excitement. Even though I felt I was not ready, knowing that I am carrying my own baby for Toba again and this time at the right time made me teary.  I suddenly could breath a sigh of relief. I had always had the sub conscious feeling that the abortion could have caused so permanent damage. I started calling Toba immediately we left the hospital to tell him the good news but he was not picking his call so I just assumed the meeting was taking longer than he expected. Oyin wanted to celebrate the conception of the baby she was already calling her god daughter.

"Abeg Oyin, I want a son joor or maybe twins sef".

"Trust me babe, it is definitely a girl so I will spoil with all the pinkies in this world. Where are we celebrating though?

"Let me celebrate with my hubby first. I can't get through to him though so maybe I should just go home and wait for him".

I decided not to go back to the studio but go home and give my husband a treat. Oyin gave me a suggestion of cooking something nice and serving a candle lit dinner wearing something sexy. No better way to announce you're pregnant, she said as if she has been married before. She even volunteered to help me in the cooking and setting up. Petals, candles and the works. We went to the supermarket together to get the candles and petals and I wanted to buy some chicken and shrimps. We decided on grilled chicken with egg and shrimps fried rice as the main course. Oyin was really in the spirit for this plan. We even got a small ready made cake and some candles to put on it. I kept reminding Oyin that Toba probably knew the result of the test anyway but nothing could slow her down.

We finally got to my house around 3pm and I still could not reach Toba. He would most likely get home around 6pm anyway so we had three hours to cook and set up and for Oyin to go home. Oyin had started dotting on me already and said I should not even lift any shopping bag. I went to the door to open for her and what I saw left me rooted to the spot. I did not even expect to meet Toba at home because his car was not in the compound. He was right there on our sofa naked with another woman. They had obviously jumped up once the key turned in the lock but had not been able to hide fast enough. I was numb. Oyin went on a raging spree. I could see her pounce on the girl and scratch and bite but I just sat on the floor right beside the door. Toba had been cornered by this client while I went to do the pregnancy test alone and ran around town trying to plan a surprise for him..........]

I could not sleep all through the night. My head was going round and round in circles. Toba walked out during the whole hassle yesterday and had still not come back. I could not even be bothered even if he went to jump into the river. We had been married for barely three months and he was already cheating right in my home. I kept running my hands on my stomach like I could not reconcile how a day that started so good ended so badly. At about 7am, I heard the key turn in the lock. Toba was obviously back. He was so drunk that I wept. I knew better than to start a fight with a drunk man so I just stared at him as he staggered and fell into bed. He was reeking of cigarette and alcohol. I decided that going to work was going to do me a lot of good so I went to the studio around noon. Oyin kept calling me but I did not even want to talk about it so I ignored her calls. I was so embarrassed that the whole scene happened right in front of her.

By the time I got to the studio, Oyin was waiting for me there. I ended up not doing any work and cried virtually the whole day. The tears wont stop coming and my heart broke with each word of encouragement that Oyin tried to say. I started having some serious stomach pains sometime that afternoon and it started getting worse. Within an hour, I was already screaming with pain. Oyin had to rush me to the hospital and by the time we got there, I was already having a miscarriage...
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  1. Hmmmmm.....I knew from d start that Toba wasnt a loyal fellow..It seems Men even pretends more than females during courtship.

  2. My heart breaks at dis story. I can't blive how heartless men can be. OMG.

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