Sunday, January 18, 2015


My mum called me into the bedroom few minutes after we got to the house. My dad and Toba were already talking about the Nigerian economy and politics and I could see my dad was quite impressed. I couldn’t help but notice mum’s forced smile and questioning eyes. As soon as we entered the room, she turned on me.

“So Tamilore, you have started changing men like you change bags abi. Is that the new rubbish you have started? When did you just ask me to speak to one Abbey man on the phone? Was that not two months ago? That he was saying he will meet me soon? Where did Toba suddenly crawl out from? Or you think I don’t remember him from before you entered University when you were both fooling around?

“Mum, please you need to trust me. I am making the right decision for my future. Toba is the right person for me”.

“Give me one good reason why you were not dating two months ago and suddenly you are introducing him to your father”.

“Mummy, I love him and I have known him since forever”.

“You have known him is different from you used to know him my dear. I am saying my own oooooo madam. I will not run up and down over any child’s marital problem”.

“Mum don’t worry, Toba is the one. He has always been. Abbey is gone now and I am ready to marry Toba”.

“Okay, I have said my bit. I would not move an inch from my husband’s house. You know me very well”.

The whole conversation with my mum really made me uncomfortable but by the time she spent the whole day with Toba, she was already loosening up. We spent the whole weekend in Ibadan and Toba came to our house everyday from the hotel room he stayed. My parents would never have allowed me stay with him in the hotel. Before we let Ibadan, we started talking about both parents meeting and making wedding plans. My mum is a natural when it comes to wedding planning so she was definitely on a roll once she heard wedding.

Time seemed to fly and Toba and I fell into a routine. He picked me up from the studio every day and took me for lunch. I even stopped using my car most times because Toba just wouldn’t let me lift a finger. He picked me from home every morning and dropped me off after work. We never had any big fight and our lives were in such a perfect symphony. We finally agreed on dates for the wedding and we wanted it over as fast as possible so we chose December 28th for the traditional wedding and 29th for the church wedding. It has been such an eventful year indeed. I met Abbey in January this year, fell in love, dated and broke his heart and by December, I was marrying Toba. How ironic can life be? Planning a wedding within 2 months was more stressful than I thought. Most of the vendors had been booked months before and I was having to compromise on a lot of things. I was getting really frustrated. Toba didn’t seem to be interested in anything regarding the wedding except his suit which was really pissing me off. I decided not to let it get to me though. We still saw almost every day and we talked about everything. We were getting closer by the day and I loved him more and more.

A week to the wedding, I packed my things from my house to Toba’s house and headed to Ibadan. Toba was leaving Abuja on Wednesday. I was already missing him but by the time I arrived Ibadan, I was so caught up in running errands that missing him was the least on my mind. By Thursday before the wedding, I just wanted the day to come and go. I was looking forward to the honeymoon. Toba was still keeping the destination a surprise. I knew we were most likely travelling though because he collected my passport and some of my credentials from me. Oyin arrived on Thursday and with her around, I was definitely in high spirits. There is never a dull moment with my Oyinda. There was a surprise bridal shower for me that night and I started to question my decision that night. We played a game about how well I knew the groom and I found out I could not answer 70 percent of the questions. Oyin could see that I was getting uneasy and she systematically changed the game.

......We were finally able to escape into the room around 8pm on Saturday night. Toba was the only man I ever slept with and that was over ten years ago. I was so nervous and scared. We had talked about it over and over again these past three months and I was getting the feeling that Toba did not believe he was the only man I had been with. We never spoke about the abortion again though. I literally danced myself out at the wedding reception. Toba and I had always been great dancers so it was such an interesting contest deciding whether the groom or the bride danced better. We were both fagged out and Toba landed on the bed and slept off even in his cloths. By the time I got out of the bathroom and met a sleeping husband, I realized all my anxiety was for nothing. I went straight to bed.
It was such a beautiful feeling to wake up in your husband’s arms. I woke up and Toba started making jokes about how I drugged him to sleep on our wedding night to avoid my marital duties.

“I love you my darling husband. Let us have our wedding morning instead of the usual wedding night”.

“How many such mornings have you had with Abbey and the others in the last ten years?”

I could not believe my ears... I jumped up and looked at my husband and it dawned on me that Toba might never be able to trust me. This is the man I married...
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