Monday, January 05, 2015


I woke up the next morning with a terrible head ache. Everything came back to me. Did I really just switch from one man to the other? I remembered again when I fell in love with Abbey but then the truth is nothing can compete with my love for Toba so it is time I close that chapter of my life. I was half expecting Toba's call that morning and I was a little disappointed he did not try to reach me but I had lessons to teach in the studio anyway so I went to work. The more I thought about being with Toba, the more I got excited and it helped reduce the pain I felt for loosing Abbey.

At about 2pm, Abbey walked into the studio. I was really hoping to avoid any further confrontation so I just tried to smile like he did not just call me a slut the night before. I took a break from my class and we sat in my office. He sat on my table right in front of me and asked,

"Babe, what is wrong? What is happening to us?"

I really did not have any answer. How do I tell my boyfriend I am in love with somebody else.. I remember my aunt once told me that love was a decision. She said I had to just find the right man and make a decision to love him forever. With Toba, it feels like that decision was made for me. He just stole my heart years ago.

"I am sorry Abbey, I really do love you but I love him more. You never stood a chance the moment he walked into my life".

He looked at me with eyes that were so pitiful. He stood up and said nothing and just walked out of my life. I continued my class in the hope that I had made a right choice. By evening, I was getting antsy. Toba had still not called since the previous day to even know of my decision. I needed him to make it worth it at this time so I called him. Twice it rang and he did not pick. I just really hope I have not made a mistake.
I slept quite early that night, quite worried for my future. At about 12 midnight, I was totally confused when I heard a knock on my door. I tried going back to sleep but the knock was quite persistent. I reluctantly stood up and put on my dressing gown just to check. Oyin is the only person that knocks my door at any time of the day or night. I still peeped through the window to check and I saw the lights from my window. My balcony was lit up with lights. The message was so sweet and vivid and clear. I could see that  it  was Toba  standing there but it was quite dark. His silhouette was unmistakable though. I opened that door and could just not believe it. This was the sweetest and most romantic ever. All my doubts flew away. He went down on one knee and I can never forget the words he said:

"Tamilore Ajayi, let me love you, if not for the rest of your life, then for the rest of mine. Marry me baby".

I cant remember when I said yes or everything else he said after then but he loved me and I could see that in his eyes. I was in his arms and we were hugging endlessly. We stood there forever and I still could not get over the ring. The most perfect ring ever. Stones, diamonds and the works. It was all kisses and hugs after then. We sat outside right there and laughed and gisted till morning. We started talking about future plans. We agreed that 2 kids was just perfect. We even argued back and forth on possible names. It was the most perfect night ever. We agreed we wanted a small and intimate wedding and we needed to start making plans to see the parents. Toba's flat for now was decent enough so getting an apartment would be the least of our worries. Of course I told him I had to add some feminine touches. The future was ahead of us and the happiness we could see was priceless. He asked about Abbey and I told him it was over. The smile on his face when he said he told me I was his was so sweet.

We met his parents the following weekend in Lagos and it was fun all the way. They remembered me from way back so it was kind of a reunion. The only damper on our plans came when we went to Ibadan to see my parents...
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  1. Awww! I really Hope the Parents don''t refuse and that Toba does not change into a beast sha! Send Abbey my way abeg let me console him ;) :)

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