Saturday, February 11, 2017


I spent 3 days in the hospital as the doctors had to do a Dilation and Curettage procedure to clear out the remaining foetus. Oyin was with me all through. Toba came to the hospital but I instructed Oyin and all the medical staff that I did not want to see him. He was not granted entrance. Oyin kept telling me he was waiting outside all through my stay but I just refused to see him. There was absolutely nothing left to discuss. How can I possibly face the man that killed my baby? It was unforgivable and I did not even know what I was going to do next.

The day I was discharged from the hospital, he came to meet me by the car on my way out. I looked at him and the tears started afresh.

"Baby, I am sorry. Please forgive me. We need to make this work".

"How dare you? You need to make it work by yourself. Toba, two months was all it took for you to cheat and kill our baby?"

He held my hands as I walked away and I slapped those filthy hands away. It was truly repelling.

"Toba, I am never coming back into that house".

I got into the car with Oyin and we drove off, leaving him standing there. I looked at him as we drove out and saw tears streaming down his face. It did not move me one bit. Oyin really wanted me to go back home with Toba and work out our problems but I simply told her she could never understand this level of betrayal. I also refused her offer to accommodate me because I just needed my own space. I checked into a hotel in town. I was going to spend the next week doing absolutely nothing. I had some jobs to do that weekend so that was enough to look forward to. I still found myself crying that night for the child I had lost and the marriage I just lost too. I really could not see a future.

I got a call from the reception at about 8 pm that night that I had a visitor. The told me it was Toba. He found me so fast which was annoying but I told them I was not ready to see him and he was not to be let into my room at any time. He was to be escorted out of the premises as he was dangerous. The receptionist told me he claimed to be my husband and I denied him there and then. I did not care to know how they handled it. He did not deserve to be called my own husband or anybody's for that matter. He killed our baby and that was unforgivable.

I decided to go to the studio the next morning after another sleepless night to pick the make up suitcase I needed for the jobs I had this weekend. My car was packed there so I decided to take a cab down there and pick my car up. As I walked out of the hotel building having refused to take all those over priced executive cabs in the premises, I saw him sitting in his car outside the gate. It was obvious he slept there and he jumped down as he saw me. He knelt down right there in the middle of the road. Begging and begging.

"Tammy, forgive me please. I will spend the rest of my life making it up to you".

I kept my eyes away from him looking for a cab.

"Toba, I don't think you get it. Our marriage is over. I will never come back into that house again".

We saw him at the same time. His car slowed down right beside us and our eyes all locked on one another. Toba on his knees and me with tears down my eyes. It was Abbey, driving into the hotel. He had slowed down while his car was searched and he looked straight at us. His face was blank. No sign of recognition whatsoever. The shame was killing me and I never felt so embarrassed in my life. Toba got up immediately and Abbey just drove in not bothering to say a word of greeting. I had left him for this man who had turned my life inside out. The noise was resounding and befitting. It was a deserving slap that I landed on his cheeks. For the humiliation he has caused me after I gave him everything. I walked away from him and found a taxi to save me from that whole scene. Seeing Abbey however got me thinking. After having left him to marry Toba, was it not more shameful to pack it up in less than 3 months?

Toba was still in his car outside when I got back to the hotel later. I just drove past him. He was still there the next morning when I drove out early in the morning for the job I had to do. It was obvious he was jumping up at the sound of every car just to be sure it was not me. I thought he was going to follow me but he did not. He waited there and was still waiting when I got back 6 hours later. I began to wonder if he was eating. I knew he could not be getting any reasonable sleep. My heart broke at what we had become and I remembered our vows. This was the worse I promised and I owed it to myself to give him another chance. At about 7 pm, I asked one of the hotel porters to go call him into my room. I told the receptionist to allow him entrance and I ordered dinner for two.

Haggard did not begin to describe how my hubby was looking. The fact that he did not waver in his resolve to get me back showed me he loved me truly. Mistakes happen and it was still worth a chance. Immediately he came in, I asked him to get into the shower. He tried begging him again but I hushed him. He went to shower and he was looking so darn sexy even in his unshaven state. We sat down to eat and I made sure we ate in silence. After dinner, he looked at me expectantly,

"Toba, I am never coming into that house again. I cannot step into that house without remembering the humiliation".

He looked so downcast.

"I am not finished. If you want any chance of this marriage ever working out, you need to get another apartment. We will start a new life in a place that has not been defiled".

I expected some form of resistance but I got none. He was so agreeable even though I knew how much it will drain him to rent another place now even though we still had 5 months to go on our current rent. That was part of the price to pay for being unfaithful. I also told him, I will remain in this hotel on his bills till he got another apartment and there will be no form of intimacy between us until he had done HIV test and other sexually transmitted diseases check up. I knew it was embarrassing but it was good to make him suffer.

"Toba, if you ever cheat on me again or lie to me about anything, I will literally kill both of us".

"Are you sure there is nothing else you are hiding from me?"

"There is nothing else my love. That was a one time mistake, I don't know what......"

"Save it Toba, do not belittle me with your excuses".

If only I had worked out of the marriage that day because my greatest regret came much much later in a way I never expected.......
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  1. Waiting earnestly to know what the regrets are

  2. Whyyyyy??? Pls stop d suspense. I've been waiting for dis 4 days nd here u r givin me anoda heartbreakin suspense. Plss relieve me soon. #sobs

  3. Hmmmm.....Serial cheaters and abusers have same pattern of operating. Cheat/Abuse then beg,plead,cry,seek for pity, Come out as romantics.Receive another chance,and then strike again.#Shame on them#

    1. I totally support your statement Ed Lyn. Going through this presently. I have no idea of what might help

      Please let's know how this story ends soon

    2. We can never change who a person is. That is why we need to make the right choices both for ourselves and the children we will have. What happens when the romance ends?

  4. Lovely question Oni! What happens when the romance ends??

  5. Pleaseeeeeeeeeeee don"t stop, when do we get to read the next episode?

  6. Old habits die hard. Hugs to you my dear sister, your river of knowledge will never run dry.This should even be a movie, wat do you think?

  7. Hmmmmn!may God help us women and. See us through this marital journey.

  8. Am sorry ooo, this question might sound somehow but i really want to know cos this story baffle me. Is this stories real?

    1. There is nothing somehow about your question dear. The stories are totally fictional.

  9. I always look forward to read each episode anytime is out. Even though they are fictional there is still a lot of lessons to be learn from each stories.
    Pls keep the fire burning more grace to ur elbow. God is ur strength n guidance

  10. God bless u babes Oni, u need to knw aw eagerly I use to wait to read dis story, checking my mail every minute on mondays to see if it has entered. Lol. But pls don't knw if u can help me wit d 9th episode. Didn't receive it. Tnks ma

  11. Hello, your stories are really lovely and inspiring plus they teach me as a single person how very important it is not to take the decision of who to marry lightly. Thanks a lot!