Sunday, December 28, 2014


By 5pm that evening, It was as if God was out to punish me for deciding to go on a date with Toba. I was so exhausted and frustrated that I started thinking of calling him to cancel. I was expecting delivery of some new make up products which never came even though I waited all day for it. Then I got this nasty text from Abbey when I did not pick his calls because frankly I did not know how to tell him I was not seeing him tonight because I had a date. I preferred to ignore the call and not have to explain. On my way home, my car was scratched by one annoying driver and by the time I finally got home, I was definitely in a sour mood. Toba’s call came in just at the nick of time.

“Hi babe, missing me already?”

“Seriously Toba, first I am not your babe and second, missing you is the last thing on my mind. I am even thinking of just staying home”.

“You know I won’t let you off so easy babe, plus I am the perfect solution for relaxing after a stressful day, you know I am still as much fun as I have always been”.

“Well I can’t argue that hanging out with you used to be fun. Anyway, let me go get ready so I don’t keep you waiting when you come”.

As soon as I dropped the call, Oyin called and we gisted for the next 15 minutes. She kept teasing me about my date and how I was setting myself up but I was already looking forward to having fun anyway so I just told her I was going to have a good time. I got into the bathroom at 6pm and by 6:50pm, I was fully dressed. The knock came at that time and I was quite surprised that Toba was still as time conscious as he was all those years ago. He had always been a stickler for time. I had sent him my address earlier in the day and I did not even expect him to get it quite so easily. I opened the door for him and he was standing right there smiling so brightly and looking so dapper.  I could not help the nostalgic feeling that swept over me at that moment.

His words brought me back to reality, "are you done checking me out, love"

"Toba you need to stop using all these endearments with me. I have a boyfriend and that will not get you anywhere".

"Okay, for the sake of not pissing you off the whole night, I'll call you Tammy or better still my Tammy". We laughed together at that.

We got into his car and I asked where we were headed.

"I want us to have a quiet night so we can really talk so just go with the flow. Will you my Tammy?"

I  could not resist those pleading eyes so I said okay. I kept wondering where we were headed even as we drove into the apartment building in Maitama. The building was quite impressive, it was a nice obviously fully serviced apartment. I kept quiet all the way up, it was already very obvious he brought me to his house. I was trying seriously to act composed and quieten the different alarm bells sounding in my head. I looked around as soon as we got in and it was simply classy. The apartment was so like him. He went to the kitchen and got us drinks. We sat down on the big sofa together and we were so quiet for a long time. I kept looking at him and at that moment I could not deny that my feelings for Toba were not dead. There were still as alive as ever. That burning sensation I was feeling could only be love. I started comparing my feelings for both men.  With Abbey, it was a peaceful kind of love. Abbey made me feel secure but Toba made me feel excited. 

I can't really place when I even started kissing him but I felt him draw back and break the kiss.

"Tammy, you can't deny what we feel for each other and we have to talk about it".

"What do you want from me?"

"I want you to marry me. I want you to be the mother of my kids. I have loved you for as long as I can remember and I have waited 10 years to have you back in my life. I believe God brought you back in my life and I am not going to loose this chance. Marry me Tamilore".

I looked at Toba with my eyes wide. I was expecting him to say we should give this another chance. I was expecting him to say he still loved me and all but I was definitely not expecting a marriage proposal. I never even thought a day will come that I would have to think twice about marrying Toba. For christ sake, he is and has always been the love of my life. I love Abbey too but he has not proposed after all.

"Okay, let me think about it, Toba. Give me time"

"How much time? 

"Two weeks"

"Tammy, I cannot wait two weeks while you determine my fate and continue dating another guy. Two days".

"Seriously Toba, Two days?"

"I have waited 10 years already. Two days babe".

I knew my mind was made up already. I just needed the two days to break up with Abbey which I was dreading already. After getting all that out of the way, the night became easier. Toba has ordered some Chinese food and we ate and gisted like besties. The time seemed to fly past as there was so much catching up to do. After dinner, we started playing scrabble. I have always been good at playing and it used to be so much fun beating Toba in those days but now he had gotten so much better and he beat me with just two points.  By the time I checked the clock, it was already 11pm and I told Toba I had to leave. He did not argue. He was acting like he was really giving me the two days space. When we got to my house, he refused my offer to come in and drove straight off. 

I walked into my sitting room and stopped dead in my tracks. I forgot that I had given Abbey my key the last time we saw and he was sitting there waiting for me. I had never seen him look so angry and yet so calm. 

"Tammy, I am glad you are okay. I was worried when you did not pick my calls all day or bother to reply me messages".

"I am fine, I was busy".

"Oh yea I can see how busy you were".

"Meaning what Abbey?"

"Meaning who was that Tammy? Was that the Toba you told me about that just dropped you off at almost midnight?"

"Yes that was Toba".

"You are such a pretentious slut".

"Don't you even dare think you can insult me in my own house Abbey. How dare you call me a slut? Get the hell out of my house and don't ever come back".

"Just like that, is this really about this fight because I can just see now that deception comes so easily to you. I guess I never had a chance after all. I cannot believe I almost made the mistake of asking you to marry me".

He walked out without saying another word and I sank into the sofa and could not stop the tears. I felt so sad for breaking up with Abbey this way. He was so perfect for me until Toba showed up. I cried and cried and cried till I fell asleep.
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To put plainly, this was written by Tunde Oni. Do not exclude my name when sharing, helping others shine never reduces your shine. God bless you as you honour this request.


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