Tuesday, December 16, 2014


I left Toba outside there without answering his question. I just could not bring myself to betray Abbey that way.I was already running late so I went in straight to start the job.

"The least I can do is to help you with your box Tammy, it hurts to see you look at me this way", he said just as I was walking away but I just could not spend another moment with him.

 I went straight up and lost myself in my job. Making brides look beautiful is my passion so it didn't take much effort to forget all about the men in my life for a few hours.
By the time I finally crashed in my bed that night, I was so exhausted. Abbey called and it was such a relief to hear his voice.

"I miss you so much baby, it feels like I haven't seen you in a month".

"You still saw me this morning love", I laughed heartily.

"So tell me about all the eligible bachelors already checking my baby out at that wedding".

My heart pounded at that statement. Telling him about Toba would have been the normal thing to do but I just could not stand any fight over the phone so I decided I'll just wait till I get to Abuja to tell him about it. We spoke at length after that and he started asking my opinion about some office related issues. Next thing I knew, there was a call waiting on my phone. I quickly glanced at the phone screen and saw that it was Toba. Seriously, at this time? I was praying Abbey would not notice but he definitely did.

"Who is disturbing my baby at this time of the night" was the next thing he said.

I told him it was the wedding planner probably calling to discuss the logistics for the next day. I could not believe I had lied so effortlessly.

After he finally hung up, I thought of calling Toba to set him straight but then I just did not have the strength to fight so I decided to let it go. By the time I woke up the next morning, he had sent me this text,

" I tried calling you yesterday night just to be sure you were okay. I am not going to just give up on us Tammy, you promised me forever 10 years ago. I am going to see that you spend that forever with me. I will keep loving you till you have no choice. Tell that boyfriend of yours, I am back to claim my woman. Still loving you always- Toba".

That text left me confused. I just decided I had to stay as far away from Toba as possible if I did not want to mess up what I had with Abbey. That decision did not stop me from reading that text over and over all day long. I just could not stop thinking of the time I really promised Toba I'll love him forever. I was so young. It felt like there will never be anyone else. Today, I really wished those years ago did not happen because Abbey was just so perfect for me. I just could not help this lingering feeling I was having that this was going to end badly.

I avoided Toba like a plague throughout the weekend. I did not pick his calls and I went the other way every time I saw him. When it was finally time to go back to Abuja on Sunday, I decided going with Toba will be a bad idea so I quickly tagged along with some of the bride's friends going back to Abuja that day. I called Abbey as soon as I entered Abuja and I was not surprised to see him parked outside my house waiting for me.

I got down from the cab I took home from where I had made the ladies drop me and was trying not to show my excitement at seeing Abbey waiting. He did not even give me a chance. He walked right up to me and carried me in his arms, swinging me around.

"God, I missed you so much. The next time you have a wedding out of town, I am definitely going with you"

"Very funny, In fact you don't even have to go with me, you can just go do the job for me".

I was still laughing at the sad face he was giving me for making a mockery of his emotions as he called it. I loved this man so much and I faced him and told him exactly that just as we got into my apartment.

" I love you so much babe and I really missed you too"

"Are you sure you missed me? or you're just telling me that to make me excited"

"Of course not, why would I want to make you excited? After all, making you squirm is my life's assignment".

"Yea, I knew that profession of love was too good to be true"

I smacked him right on the butt and he carried me and turned me round in circles. It seems having a man who is over 6 feet tall makes it easy for you to be swept off your feet. He had already brought some food with him which we ate while he asked me to tell him all about my weekend.

" I am sure I already told you all about my weekend during our nightly conversations Abbey and you already have all the pictures too".

Saved by the doorbell, Abbey went to open the door for Oyin, who really was my saviour for that moment. We gisted till Abbey had to go. As soon as he left I turned to Oyin,

"Babe, I am in trouble. I saw Toba throughout the weekend and he wants to get back together".

I then told Oyin all about the weekend without leaving any details out. When I was finished, Oyin gave a deep sigh,

"Tammy, this na serious yawa, what do you want to do? Have you told Abbey?"

"No, I have not babe, I really am confused. What do you think I should do? You know me with both guys".

"Yea I know you with both guys babe, but this is not a decision I can make for you. You have to decide who you love and who you can spend the rest of your life with. Are you falling in love with Toba again?because if you're not, this would not be an issue".

"I don't know Oyin, I remember how Toba and I were years ago. It was so perfect but then it has been ages. I also keep loving Abbey by the day and he is so great".

We sat there quietly for a while and then Oyin simply told me that if she was in my shoes, she might just stick with what she had now instead of delving into the past. It made perfect sense to follow that advice and I made up my mind to do so. We were still talking when Toba called,

"Hey sweetie"

"Toba, I am not your sweetie, I am in love with somebody else"

"Seriously Tammy, you saw my text the other day, I am not going to give up on us".

We went back and forth about that and before I knew it, we were making jokes about each other.

"Okay Tammy, one date is all I ask for. One date to be friends. To talk about the last few years. I deserve that at least for old times sake".

My head told me to tell him he deserved nothing and I owed him nothing but my mouth already said yes before I could stop it.

"I'll pick you up tomorrow at 7pm. Wear something sexy".

I heard myself laughing stupidly at that and I could not believe how gullible I was acting for Toba. Oyin looked at me after I dropped the call and said, "seriously?"

"Well, let us see what tomorrow brings Oyin, I owe him at least one date just to be sure there is nothing else there. I am sure he will be out of my system after this one date".

"For your sake, I really pray that happens".

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