Sunday, December 07, 2014


I was so happy about my relationship with Abbey and I just loved the direction it was headed. I had to travel for a job that weekend in Kaduna which was a three day event. It was one of those expensive Hausa weddings and trust me they paid me a whole lot for the events. Abbey came to see me before going to work on Friday morning just to give me a hug for my trip and he just did not want to let me go for a whole weekend since we see each other practically every day now.  I was supposed to meet the bride's cousin who was driving me to Kaduna with him at Drumstix in Wuse 2 at around 12 noon so I left the house that afternoon already late  but looking forward to being back and spending time with my baby. I arrived the eatery  around 12:30p.m. The so called cousin had been texting me to say he was waiting and I was already getting pissed. I entered and called the number that had texted me and heard it ring just few steps away from where I was looking round. I could not believe my eyes. Toba in flesh and blood had been the one texting to see if I had arrived. He was the so called cousin.

I stood transfixed at that same spot for what seemed like eternity. I really did not know how to react. I could not smile nor scream nor shout. I just stood there staring at the handsome guy walking right up to me. The smile on his face was as heart melting as I had always known it to be. He stopped right in front of me and said, "babe, won't you give me a hug? Is that how you say hello to your first love?" He took me in his arms and gave me a hug that lasted forever. I just had to hug him back. Thoughts started flying through my head faster than I could sort them out. He helped me with my box and and led me out to the car. I did not even know what to say. I had to ask the obvious again, "Toba, are you the cousin taking me to Kaduna?" He answered me with a wink and I felt like slapping the smirk off his face. "Just imagine how interesting this trip will be", he said.

We sat silently for what seemed like an eternity while he tried to get us out of town. I just kept thinking and going round in my head how this could have happened. The sound of my phone broke into my thoughts and I was immediately alarmed when I saw it was Abbey calling. I was already feeling guilty even though I was not doing anything wrong. I picked the phone and started talking to him so self consciously. He asked if I had been picked up and I said yes, the cousin picked me up. I decided without even thinking about it that telling him it was Toba was not a good idea. He would probably tell me to get down from the car and if possible return the money for the job. I am too professional to let my personal issues interfere with my work. I told him I was fine and that I'll call him from Kaduna soon enough. He said he was missing me already and I just felt so weird saying that in front of Toba that I just laughed it off and rounded off the call. I really did not see the sense in this feeling as if I was cheating on Toba.

Toba broke into my thoughts and said, is that your boyfriend? I immediately grew defensive. How is that your business? I said. Let us just get this straight, We knew each other a very long time ago and now you don't know me and you're not my friend so please. Toba looked at me and the next thing I knew, he burst out laughing. He said it was nice and refreshing to see that I had not stopped speaking my mind. Then he said he wanted us to talk about what happened and all that had happened since we last saw. I told him I did not see the need but then he started reminding me of how close we were even before we started dating and even if I did not want to rekindle our love, we could just mend old fences. He said he felt bad we lost contact but then I always knew he was not into social media and I did not have a phone at that time. He asked me what happened to make me so bitter after the last amazing night we had before he left and I could not help the tears. I told him about the baby, the abortion, my efforts to contact him and all. Toba immediately parked by the side of the road and started begging me.

I could see the torture in his eyes as I told him of my experience and it just reminded me of the Toba I used to know. The Toba that loved me so sincerely and I could not see anything to indicate he had changed. I could feel it coming before it even happened. The kiss was a reminder of all we used to have and a promise of what we could still have. I was lost in it for a moment before I hurriedly jerked back. He smiled at me and started driving again. Toba kept begging and begging me. He kept telling me how sorry he was for making me go through all that. After we got over all that, we started gisting like old friends. He told me he decided to come back home last year and got a job working with one of the top banks in Nigeria. We spoke about my job and about the upcoming wedding. By the time we arrived Kaduna, we had practically spoken about everything that happened during the last few years. Just as we drove into the hotel compound and parked, Toba asked me, " babe I know you probably have a boyfriend now, I don't have any and I feel God was keeping me for you somehow, do you still think we have a chance?" I sat there looking at him and I really did not know what to say. If he had asked me that question that morning, I would have given a definite no. Right now, I was torn and I really did not know what to say.
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  1. ife waa gbona....cant wait for the next part abeg

  2. hmmmn!babe need to be careful,though i will still read the 1st part of the story.the guy you aborted for,do you think he can have anything serious to do with you other than getting down with you again?my thoughts tho