Sunday, October 26, 2014



Today, I feel so happy. Extremely happy. Absolutely Ecstatic...........
I met him today. I really feel he is the one. How can some people say love at first sight does not exist. This has got to be real. I would definitely remember today 20 years from now. 
I am definitely never loosing this diary.
He is just exactly my kind of man. Tall, a little chubby in the right places, dark with lips to die for, the eyebrows were killing and those eyes??? OMG... My knees are weak just thinking about him. His smile when he said hello was killing and I was absolutely glued to my sit. I am pretty sure I looked stupid and for somebody so put together, that is a first.
Concentrating on the sermon was almost impossible after that. I really feel like praying for the usher that directed me to that sit. I really wish I could have gotten his number but I just did not have that kind of boldness yet.
My prayer throughout service was for him to get my contact but he alas, my prayer was unanswered. Just imagine! I don't even know his name.  I lay on my bed tonight and say a silent prayer to God to bring him to me again. I definitely need to marry that man.

That was the entry in my diary about 6 months ago when I first met Abbey. I just had to go check it again and it is funny that my feelings for him haven't changed. I have seen him in church often since then and I always stare hopelessly at him but he finally walked up to me yesterday after service and introduced himself. His name is Abbey and he said he would like to know me better and be friends. We exchanged numbers and bb pins.He started chatting me about an hour later and has already called me 4 times since then. He seems to want to know everything about me. I already know his name is Abiodun Williams. He is from Lagos State. Born and bred in Port Harcourt where his parents currently reside. He is an entrepreneur, started his own HR consulting firm 3 years ago and is currently doing well. He consults for some big companies already. I am really impressed with all I am hearing about him. Trust me, I want a man that is focused and put together. He has asked to pick me from work on Friday so we can hang out but I told him to come pick me from home instead because I will have to go park my car before hopping into his.

I have told him some things about myself too but just the cool parts that measure up to his. I told him my name  and what I do, I decided to be coded with him about the rest. The less he knows for now, the better the suspence. Okay I know you need details since you all do not know me too: My name is Tamilore Ajayi. Everybody calls me Tammy. I am a professional make up artist. People ask me if I don't get bored during the week but really I love my life the way it is. I am quite good at making people look beautiful. Make up definitely pays my bills. I have been in the business for 5 years now. I started right out of University back in 2007. Today, I have my own make up school, studio and I get enough students. It was not easy starting but now I am definitely one of the foremost in the industry. Every wedding blogger in Nigeria features my work and I am indeed blessed. Enough about me already. Friday is definitely loading.........
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