Sunday, January 19, 2014


Today is the concluding part of last week's post. I do have to wonder though if we did make any effort to put to practice any of the pointers I gave last week. If we didn't, this is another week to start something. It is a new week to put an unexpected smile on your partner's face. Let us dare to do something differently. I did lay a foundation on this last week so I would not be repeating myself. I would just give more pointers on little things we can do differently that makes a whole lot of difference:
  1. Make up nicknames for each other.
  2. Go the extra mile to please your spouse, not just when it is convenient.
  3. Write out romantic notes and leave them in places your spouse will find them.
  4. Buy your partner a new outfit (don't give him/her money to go buy it)
  5. Sing a song to your spouse ( even if your voice is terrible)
  6. Surprise your spouse when he/she is busy saying, "what can I do to help?"
  7. Put perfume on your sheets.
  8. Bring a late night snack and drink to bed.
  9. Write out 50 reasons you are glad you married your spouse ( right now you're thinking you cannot go beyond 10 right?)
  10. Tickle-wrestle in bed (just the way you used to do with your siblings).
  11. Place roses on the bed and candles above the bed (please be careful)
  12. Serve breakfast in bed.
  13. Hide small gifts that your spouse will find throughout the week.
  14. Remember how you used to laugh at your spouse's jokes even they were not funny ( do it again).
  15. Splash each other water.
  16. Reminisce through old albums.
  17. Rub feet under the table.
  18. Sit on his laps even when there is an extra chair to sit on.
  19. Let your husband help with your zipper: Husbands, do the zipper!
  20. Join your spouse in the shower unexpectedly
  21. Use tender-touch as you pass each other in the house.
  22. Wink and smile at your spouse from across the room.
  23. Kiss your spouse's fingers.
  24. Give each other a manicure and pedicure.
  25. Remember something he or she thinks you have forgotten.
  26. Hug for an extended period of time.
  27. Ask to dance while you are in the house together (with or without music).
  28. Fall asleep holding each other.
  29. Do something together to help someone else.
  30. Call your partner during the day just to remind him/her of your unending love.
  31. Have a hot-bubble bath ready when he/she comes back from a long hard day.
  32. Ask your partner, "what can i do to make you happier?" ( and make sure you do it)
  33. For a change, be the first to say , "I am sorry" and mean it.
  34. Take time to talk about your goals, dreams, desires, aspirations, what you love, what you are not happy about etc.
  35. Go to a movie, ignore the movie and make out like teenagers.
  36. Send a message just to say I am thinking of you.
  37. Have date nights ( please don't say it is not realistic) and the list goes on.                           

There are so many things we can do daily that will make a difference in our homes. Some of us had all the fun while we were single and now we are married, we are so boring. We have gotten too caught up with our daily lives. Ask yourself why your partner seemed to be so much more fun while you were still dating. We could say it's because you have become too familiar now, we have too many responsibilities now and so many other excuses but I would say it is because we are not investing enough in our marriages. We invest all our time and attention in our jobs, our children and all of our other commitments and our marriages actually take a back seat and becomes a routine. A house does not usually crash in a day, it takes one crack at a time. Our marriages will not automatically succeed because we have made a promise to each other that divorce is not an option, it takes a lot of pruning. What is the essence of being married if one day we wake up and discover that your partner feels like a stranger? When we  stop learning about each other and we stop dating, we will eventually join the boat of people that stay married just because of their children. Make a conscious effort daily, invest in your marriage and your partner every single day. We say, where is the time right? I say let us live, love and learn for the journey is still far and it is not for the fainthearted!

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